As a curator Mariaemanuela has designed, produced and managed special exhibitions, individually and in collaboration with a London based group of artists specialised in the production of art and music events within multidisciplinary practices, including experimental music, electronic, noise, industrial, audio-visual live sets, performances and installations. 


The purpose of these projects is to create cultural programs within art galleries, venues and unconventional spaces such as derelict and abandoned buildings. These experiences activate critical practices increasing social relations through forms of participation, in order to build methods that can pick out the mutations of different cultural patterns. Through this, connecting different realities, the aim is to investigate the intricacy of a mixture of genres, and aesthetics that denote tendencies towards a variety of hybrid expressions.


o-ruido, 03/2016, Lisbon, Portugal

wkn, 12/09/2015, T-Chances, London, UK

All Day Noise Event. Curated by Mariaemanuela Messina, 26/07/2014, Minesweeper, London, UK

Venetian Tanks, 16/05/2014, T.Chances, London, UK

Silwex, 22/03/2014, abandoned building, Shoreditch, London, UK

Workin' Klass Noize,20/12/2013, abandoned building, Shoreditch, London, UK

Event/Noise 09/02/2013, abandoned building, Waterloo, London, UK


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