Mariaemanuela Messina is an award-winning  published writer, researcher, and curator. Based between London and Milan, she has been working in the media industry, fashion, television, art and sound curating.

She is the author of an academic book ''CINEMA.MODA Il cinema e la moda tra filmico e sociale'' (Rome, 2011) related to the relationship between cinema and fashion.

Since 2012 her essay has been adopted as a textbook by some universities, including Bologna University and Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, in Italy (link for the program, and link).

In 2007 she won the 'International Prize Filippo Sacchi', organized by SNGCI, at the 65th Venice Film Festival - La Biennale.

Mariaemanuela’s publications have been placed in fashion and media studies. The core of her interdisciplinary work consists on the construction of contemporary subjectivity and the representation of the body in relation to cultural spaces. 

Her projects have been presented on different media, digital magazines, international academic symposia and conferences, including University of Bedfordshire ( Sewing Reality: Fashion in Non-Fiction Media, UK, 2018), Goldsmiths University (UK, 2015),  Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery (UK, 2015), Spazio Zone Moda - Italian Fashion Studies (Bologna University, Italy, 2013),  Radio RAI (a radio program ‘Le Conseguenze della Moda’, Rome, Italy, 2013) and many more.

She has curated events and a multi-site project individually and in collaboration with a London based group of artists specialized in the production of art and music events within multidisciplinary practices, involving installations, experimental music, electronic, noise, industrial and audio-visual live sets.


She holds a post-graduate qualification in Fashion Studies from The Departments of Design, Media and Communications from Goldsmiths University, London (UK) and a Bachelor's Honours Degree in Drama, Art, and Music Studies - Curriculum Cinema from The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at Alma Mater Studiourum, Bologna University, Italy.


Regarding her specif areas of research interest, she is drawn towards subjects such as: Identity, the body, objects, and hybrid cultures; She is interested in the way visual material informs and influences the process in which we understand and represent the present and ourselves; The themes of identity and the body within the contemporary scenario, characterised by instability and social complexity, in which identities are constructed as appearance, and individuals are free to change adopting a variety of configurations within bodily and cultural hybridizations.


© 2019 MARIAEMANUELA MESSINA  |  mariaemanuela.messina@gmail.com

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